Writing a novel with scrivener tutorial

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How to Work Within The Scrivener Interface

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How To Clean Up Your Manuscript Formatting In MS Word

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What is yWriter?

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With National Novel Writing Month (also known as Nanowrimo or simply Nano) upon us, I’ve decided to unveil the writing productivity technique most responsible for helping write two novel-length books (aboutgood words) over the short summer months.

In this episode author and cartoonist Tom Hart shares an inside look at writing and publishing in the graphic novel and comics world. In this interview, they discuss how writers and artists collaborate to create amazing stories, the importance of finding your cohort in the comics community, and how self-publishing in this form not only enhances your skills but also your credibility.

Hey Jim! Yes, Scrivener is a well-known and well-respected writing tool, and I actually own it. And I will admit that the learning curve put me off, and I returned to my simple Word-based process.

I’m just now going through the tutorial for Scrivener and hope to transfer all the files very soon as I begin work on my next novel.

It’s exciting and a bit scary to change but I think it’ll be a very effective tool for me. Here’s the step by step guide to starting a new novel project in Scrivener: Scriptwriting, etc.).

You’ll also notice that there is a Getting Started category that contains an Interactive Tutorial. specifically with novel-writing in mind.

Writing a novel with scrivener tutorial
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How to Get Started with Scrivener - The Writer's Cookbook