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39 Community Helpers Vocabulary Words

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Who Helps Us? Let's Learn about Community Helpers

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39 Community Helpers Vocabulary Words Our Community Helpers – 39 theme word cards available for download with thematic unit lesson plans and ideas for use.

Download. This set of printable Community Helper Word Cards has 30 community helpers words with pictures: firefighter, mail carrier, police officer, doctor, paramedic, nurse.

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Doctors Help (Our Community Helpers) [Dee Ready, Gail Saunders-Smith] on jkaireland.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Doctors keep us healthy. Learn about a doctor's tools, workplace, and role in the community. Community Helpers Write and Color the Room is the perfect addition to your community helper unit. This printable is great for preschool.

Write about our helpers images
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39 Community Helpers Vocabulary Words