Symbolic interactionism and body image

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Body Image and Social Stratification

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Symbolic interactionism

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From a symbolic interactionism perspective, ideal body image is a symbol that has been created by society. According to society, having an ideal body image defines beauty.

The video posted demonstrates that the media (society) creates this picture of an ideal body image (symbol) which ultimately dictates what beauty is (meaning), and therefore. Crossley argues that symbolic interactionism’s pragmatist tradition – and in particular the Cooley-Mead heritage – offers sociologists of the body a rich and nuanced understanding of embodiment; one that puts a premium on the role of social networks in constituting the meanings of the human body.

Thus, we can identify and detail the “bodies of symbolic interaction” with relative precision: the looking-glass body, the dramaturgical body, the phenomenological body. Body Image: A Clouded Reality looking at my body?” are all thoughts that ran through my mind.

I constantly thought people were talking about me, good or bad, and I couldn’t go anywhere without believ-ing people were staring at and judging me. I was constantly being told it was just my. Symbolic Interactionism Symbolic interactionism is the way we learn to interpret and give meaning to the world through our interactions with others (LaRossa & Reitzes, ).

Herbert Blumer was credited with the term “ symbolic interactionism ” in Symbolic interactionism is a theory that suggests the dependency of behavior of man on his social interactions and surroundings. Humans tend to live or do certain things on the basis of .

Symbolic interactionism and body image
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