Social dialects

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The German Germans don’t understand – German dialects

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Spanish dialects and varieties

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Sounds Familiar? Accents and Dialects of the UK

Tongan Nouns and Tales. Some of the regional varieties of the Spanish language are quite divergent from one another, especially in pronunciation and vocabulary, and less so in grammar.

While all Spanish dialects adhere to approximately the same written standard, all spoken varieties differ from the written variety, to different degrees. There are differences between European Spanish (also called Peninsular Spanish.

1 linguistics. a: a regional variety of language distinguished by features of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation from other regional varieties and constituting together with them a single language the Doric dialect of ancient Greek a dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong.

b: one of two or more cognate (see cognate entry 1 sense 3a) languages French and Italian are Romance dialects. Adorno's possible magnum opus is a vast, magisterial work of critical theory--it is the enduring testament to his intellectual depth.

If a brief summary of the book's central claim were possible, it would undoubtedly repeat the text's lasting idea, namely, that objects cannot be subsumed under philosophical concepts without remainder.

Germans get swept off their feet when they hear the dialect spoken in Bavaria. Almost every fourth German has their heart skip a beat when listening to the softer-sounding variety of German, but they cringe when the Saxonian or Rhineland Palatinate dialect is within earshot.

The American Accents

German dialects usually only play a minor role in German class because the standard German (Hochdeutsch) is taught. Sounds Familiar? Accents and Dialects of the UK.

Do you call a ‘bread roll’ a cob, batch, bread cake, barm cake or scuffler?How do you pronounce the words cup and plant?And are you sitting or sat at this computer? The UK is a rich landscape of regional accents and dialects, each evidence of our society’ s continuity and change, our local history and our day-to-day lives.

Feb 26,  · The decline of the Hawaiian language started around the ’s, due to the influence of missionaries on the islands.

The missionaries’ presence resulted in an increasing number of Hawaiians learning English, but at the expense of Hawaiian.

Social dialects
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