Paper punch shapes

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Scrapbook Paper Punches

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Hole punch

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Paper Shapes & Tags

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Hole punch

Prepare to punch it! With our fantastic range of craft punches, it's wonderfully easy to create all kinds of cut-out shapes for unique patterns, layered designs and more.

From elegant corner punches to step up your card making to cute animals for fun kids' crafts, these craft punches are easy to. A few different shapes of craft paper punches (We used a multi-flower punch.) Several colors of paper.

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Glue. Small cup or plate to hold the glue. (Optional) Paintbrush. (Optional) Procedure: Use the paper punches to create several different shapes in a variety of colors. Squeeze out a bit of glue into a small cup or plate. Have your tot select. This is a most versatile and unique craft punch, as so many different flowers can be made with it.

It can of course and often is combined with other shapes for a variety of flowers. High Quality Paper Punch Shapes Promotion,Buy High Quality Promotional Paper Punch ShapesOffice & School Supplies, Home & Garden, Tools, Jewelry & Accessories and more on Buying Paper Punch Unusual Shapes Online.

Basic paper punches, such as circles, hearts, squares, tags, and simple flower designs, can be found at almost any craft or scrapbooking store.

For a larger selection of shapes, including unusual themed designs, you'll likely need to shop online. Your Source for a Variety of Steel-Rule Dies. Custom Shape Pros has more than 25 years of experience making steel-rule dies. We take pride in making accurate, affordable dies that help our customers save time cutting shapes.

Paper punch shapes
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