Brand image of a university

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Emotional branding and the strategic value of the doppelgänger brand image

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Brand Image

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Brandman University is a fully accredited, private, nonprofit university designed for working adults seeking to improve their careers through education. With many programs offered online as well as on-campus at our 25+ locations, Brandman is here to help you reach your educational goals.

Brandimage is a global consultancy of brand-equity architects and designers. This article argues that emotional-branding strategies are conducive to the emergence of a doppelgänger brand image, which is defined as a family of disparaging images and meanings about a brand that circulate throughout popular culture.

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Based on the importance of brand awareness and brand image to the company’s surviving and carrying with the curiosity to the inexistence of Starbucks’ business in Sweden which is the big importer of coffee, we manage to investigate to what extent. Brand image is the key in marketing. Brand image is treated as the clue of information.

By brand image, consumers predict product quality, develop purchase behavior and save it in their memory.

What's in a name? The value of a good university brand

Likewise, in an educational system, the brand image established by schools is .

Brand image of a university
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