Aircraft instrumentation

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Aircraft instrumentation and systems

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Test and Training Instrumentation

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Aviation Instrument Technologies, Inc.

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instrumentation will reflect the certification of the aircraft. For a homebuilt aircraft, there are three main types of certifications: Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), Visual.

Find great deals on eBay for aircraft instrumentation. Shop with confidence. Aircraft Instrumentation []. There are two parts to any instrument system—the sensing mechanism and the display mechanism. Information is relayed from the sensors to the indicators via electricity, or direct pressure sensing via pneumatic or oil-filler tubes.

The Aircraft Instrumentation Division designs, develops, integrates, and maintains special flight-test instrumentation and data acquisition systems for fixed wing, rotary, and unmanned aircraft weapons systems in support of Naval aviation test and evaluation.

A miniature aircraft is located in the center of the indicator and turns with the airplane while the gyroscope (and coinciding linkage) turn the compass card on the instrument.

In a left turn, the miniature airplane appears to turn left while the compass card turns right.

Aircraft instrumentation
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